Intro to Microsoft Internet Explorer


You are familiar with computers and how they work. Computers have contributed to the rise and spread of the Internet, which has now become the driving force for networked societies around the globe.

In this course, you will be introduced to the latest version of Internet Explorer to take full advantage of all that Internet has to offer. You will use the tabbed browsing feature to browse the web and access the information you desire. Internet Explorer 8 provides you with a user-friendly interface and enhanced security features for a safe and secure browsing experience.

This course is designed for persons with a basic understanding of Microsoft Windows and the Internet, who need to learn how to use Internet Explorer 8 to navigate the World Wide Web.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • explore Internet Explorer 8
  • browse websites using Internet Explorer 8
  • acquire information from the web
  • manage information from the web
  • communicate with other online users over the web
  • configure security and privacy settings in Internet Explorer

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TCCIT Solutions Course Curriculum for Intro to Microsoft Internet Explorer 8:

Lesson 1: Getting Started with Internet Explorer 8

  • Topic 1A: Overview of the Internet
  • Topic 1B: Explore the Internet Explorer 8 Interface
  • Topic 1C: Customize the Internet Explorer 8 Interface
  • Topic 1D: Use the Internet Explorer 8 Help System

Lesson 2: Browsing Websites Using Internet Explorer 8

  • Topic 2A: View Web Pages on Tabs
  • Topic 2B: Navigate Through a Web Page

Lesson 3: Acquiring Information from the Web

  • Topic 3A: Search the Web
  • Topic 3B: Search Within a Web Page
  • Topic 3C: Find People
  • Topic 3D: Customize Search Settings
  • Topic 3E: Download Information from the Web

Lesson 4: Managing Information from the Web

  • Topic 4A: Manage Favorite Links
  • Topic 4B: Work with History Files
  • Topic 4C: Manage Web Slices and RSS Feeds
  • Topic 4D: Save a Web Page
  • Topic 4E: Print a Web Page

Lesson 5: Communicating over the Web

  • Topic 5A: Send and Receive Instant Messages
  • Topic 5B: Communicate Using Email
  • Topic 5C: Subscribe to a Newsgroup
  • Topic 5D: View Newsgroup Messages

Lesson 6: Configuring Security Settings in Internet Explorer 8

  • Topic 6A: Configure Browsing History Settings
  • Topic 6B: Configure Pop-Up Settings
  • Topic 6C: Configure the Smart Screen Filter
  • Topic 6D: Configure Internet Security and Privacy Settings

Appendix A: New Features in Internet Explorer 8


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