Microsoft PowerPoint 2003: Level 2


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Before starting this class, students should have learned the basics about creating slide show presentations in PowerPoint. In this Level 2 class, they will go on to work with design templates, custom animations, techniques for delivering presentations, Web presentations and presentation broadcasting. Students will create and prepare presentations for delivery on the Internet as well as prepare them for others for review.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • create a slide that contains enhancements made with sound or visuals.
  • use various techniques to deliver a presentation.
  • create a presentation that can be used on the Web.
  • create a presentation from a Word outline
  • send it for review
  • and then broadcast it to others.


Before starting this course, students are recommended to take the following course or possess equivalent knowledge:

The Career Center Course Curriculum for Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 Level 2:

Lesson 1: Creating a Custom Design Template

  • Topic 1A: Change the Background
  • Topic 1B: Insert Graphics
  • Topic 1C: Add a Footer
  • Topic 1D: Formatting Bullets
  • Topic 1E: Modify the Slide Master
  • Text Topic 1F: Saving a Design Template

Lesson 2: Creating Presentations with Special Effects

  • Topic 2A: Change the Orientation of Objects
  • Topic 2B: Grouping Objects
  • Topic 2C: Ungrouping Objects
  • Topic 2D: Layer Objects
  • Topic 2E: Adding a Sound Object
  • Topic 2F: Animating Objects
  • Topic 2G: Changing the Order of Effects

Lesson 3: Delivering a Presentation

  • Topic 3A: Send a Presentation to Word
  • Topic 3B: Add Emphasis During Your Presentation
  • Topic 3C: Take Meeting Notes
  • Topic 3D: Setting Up a Slide Show to Run Automatically
  • Topic 3E: Recording a Narration
  • Topic 3F: Take a Presentation on the Road

Lesson 4: Creating Presentations for the Web

  • Topic 4A: Run the AutoContent Wizard
  • Topic 4B: Add Hyperlinks
  • Topic 4C: Add Objects from Other MS Applications
  • Topic 4D: Publish to the Web

Lesson 5: Reviewing and Broadcasting Presentations

  • Topic 5A: Create a Presentation from an Outline
  • Topic 5B: Send a Presentation for Review
  • Topic 5C: Review a Presentation
  • Topic 5D: Applying Reviewer Changes
  • Topic 5E: Set Up and Schedule an Online Broadcast


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