SQL Level 1


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You have access to company databases and your job may require you to retrieve data from those databases. Retrieval of information from a database is dependent on precisely ordered logic and specific information. This course will help you to use - SQL: Structured Query Language as a tool to implement that logic, define instructions, and compose SQL queries to retrieve information from the database.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Connect to the SQL Server database and execute a simple query
  • Include a search condition in a simple query
  • Use various functions based on the data types to perform calculations on data
  • Organize the data obtained from the query before it is displayed on the screen
  • Retrieve data by combining information from multiple tables
  • Format the output, save the result, and generate a report


Students should have a basic understanding of Windows, including how to use files and folders.

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The Course Curriculum for SQL- Structured Query Language:

Lesson 1: Executing a Simple Query

  • Topic 1A: Connect to the Database
  • Topic 1B: Query the Database
  • Topic 1C: Modify a Query
  • Topic 1D: Save a Query
  • Topic 1E: Execute a Saved Query

Lesson 2: Performing a Conditional Search

  • Topic 2A: Search Using a Simple Condition
  • Topic 2B: Compare Column Values
  • Topic 2C: Search Using Multiple Conditions
  • Topic 2D: Search for a Range of Values and Null Values
  • Topic 2E: Retrieve Data Based on Patterns

Lesson 3: Working with Functions

  • Topic 3A: Perform Date Calculations
  • Topic 3B: Calculate Data
  • Topic 3C: Manipulate String Values

Lesson 4: Organizing Data

  • Topic 4A: Sort Data
  • Topic 4B: Group Data
  • Topic 4C: Filter Grouped Data
  • Topic 4D: Summarize Grouped Data

Lesson 5: Retrieving Data from Multiple Tables

  • Topic 5A: Combine Results of Two Queries
  • Topic 5B: Retrieve Data by Joining Tables
  • Topic 5C: Check for Unmatched Records
  • Topic 5D: Retrieve Information from a Table Using Joins

Lesson 6: Presenting Query Results

  • Topic 6A: Customize and Save the Query Result
  • Topic 6B: Generate an HTML Report
  • Appendix A: The Bindery Database


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