Programming & Data Administration Overview

Introduction to ProgrammingIntroduction to Programming or equivalent knowledge is required for anyone wishing to take any of the programming courses at TCCIT Solutions. The introductory course is primarily designed to teach “object-oriented programming” which is needed to do any kind of programming under the Windows operating system.

This course teaches students how to use a “development environment”, which is a program that gives developers graphical tools in order to generate code automatically, rather than writing it line by line. For instance, if a programmer wants to write a program that will display a list of customers, he, or she, could write the lines of code manually or use a development program with menus and screen-drawing tools to design the list and let the program generate the actual lines of code. It makes programming much easier. TCCIT Solutions course curriculum: Introduction to Programming

Introduction to .NETIntroduction to .NET is the first in a series of .NET-related courses. It will provide students with the basic concepts required to decode the terminology and features of .NET, and will serve as the foundation for the other .NET courseware. The .NET framework has revolutionized the delivery mechanism and implementation architecture for software solutions. .NET is massively powerful and Visual Studio .NET clearly accelerates development. However, even greater productivity can be obtained through the application of an appropriate development process, Unified Modeling Language(UML) design and component. TCCIT Solutions course curriculum: Introduction to .NET

Microsoft Visual Studio.NetMicrosoft Visual Studio.Net is the recommended course following the Intrtoduction to .NET Framework and expands upon the basic concepts you learned about the Visual Studio.NET tool. Once students have taken the course .NET Framework: Introduction, they understand the basic concepts, features, and possibilities of .NET. With that foundation in place, they are ready to explore the Visual Studio.NET environment.

In this course, students learn how to work with the IDE Windows in Visual Studio.NET so as to create the different .NET project types. Learning how to use the Visual Studio.NET environment is the first step to creating .NET applications. By using the various wizards and features of Visual Studio.NET, users are able to create the different project types more quickly and efficiently than by hand-coding. This course is for students with or without previous Visual Studio experience who are interested in Visual Studio.NET. TCCIT Solutions course curriculum: Microsoft Visual Studio.Net

Microsoft C# SharpVisual C# Sharp part of Microsoft Visual Studio is designed for building a wide range of enterprise applications that run on the .NET Framework is a new programming language that is part of Microsoft Visual Studio and designed for building a wide range of enterprise applications that run on the .NET Framework. An evolution of Microsoft C and Microsoft C++, C# is simple, modern, type safe, and object oriented.

C# code is compiled as managed code, which means it benefits from the services of the common language runtime. These services include language interoperability, garbage collection, enhanced security, and improved versioning support. Microsoft Visual C++ provides a powerful and flexible development environment for creating Microsoft Windows based and Microsoft .NET based applications. It can be used as an integrated development system, or as a set of individual tools. TCCIT Solutions course curriculum: Visual C# Sharp

Microsoft C++ Programming Introduction to Programming C++ part of Microsoft Visual Studio provides a practical hands-on introduction to the C++ programming language. Participants will learn the central concepts of the C++ language, with emphasis on the use of object-oriented techniques in writing robust code. Participants must have an understanding of object-oriented concepts such as classes and inheritance. For C programmers interested in moving to C++ and object technology we offer generic object-oriented concepts training. TCCIT Solutions also has training devoted to exploring the capabilities of the C++ language and enabling the student to write useful C++ programs. TCCIT Solutions course curriculum: Introduction to Programming C++

Microsoft Visual BasicMicrosoft Visual Basic classes are for programmers looking to harness the power of the new features and functionality of Visual Basic.NET. VB.NET offers a significantly changed environment, language, and skill set than previous versions of Visual Basic. It is primarily utilized within companies to create customized record-keeping systems. Visual Basic includes both a simple database system accessible by novice users as well as a powerful development environment for programmers to write, debug and compile professional database programs.

Visual Basic is a must for anyone interested in developing customized systems for businesses. The popularity of Visual Basic possibly results from its easily understandable syntax. Like all other Turing complete programming languages, it can be used to create arbitrarily complex applications, as well. Programs written in Visual Basic can use the Windows API, doing so, however, requires external function declarations. At TCCIT Solutions, students will learn the Visual Basic.NET language from the ground up. TCCIT Solutions course curriculum: Microsoft Visual Basic

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