Microsoft Access 2003: Level 3


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Students entering the Access Level 3 class will have a solid foundation in basic and intermediate skills for working in Microsoft Office Access 2003 and want to extend their knowledge of this program. This course at The Career Center is designed for the student who wishes to learn intermediate and advanced operations of the Access database program. It is also for the individual whose job responsibilities include working with heavily related tables, creating advanced queries, forms as well as reports and who need to perform general database maintenance. Students will also learn how to work with macros.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Restructure an existing set of data to improve the design of a database.
  • Use a variety of techniques to summarize and present data with queries.
  • Create and revise basic Access macros.
  • Create macros that improve data entry efficiency and integrity.
  • Improve the effectiveness of data entry in forms.
  • Improve the effectiveness of data displayed in reports.
  • Maintain an Access database by using various utility tools.


Before starting this course, students are recommended to take the following courses or possess equivalent knowledge:

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TCCIT Solutions Course Curriculum for Microsoft Access 2003 Level 3:

Lesson 1: Structuring Existing Data

  • Topic 1A: Import Data
  • Topic 1B: Analyze Tables
  • Topic 1C: Create a Junction Table
  • Topic 1D: Improve Table Structure

Lesson 2: Writing Advanced Queries

  • Topic 2A: Create Unmatched and Duplicates Queries
  • Topic 2B: Group and Summarize Records Using the Criteria Field
  • Topic 2C: Summarize Data with a Crosstab Query
  • Topic 2D: Create a PivotTable and a PivotChart
  • Topic 2E: Display a Graphical Summary on a Form

Lesson 3: Simplifying Tasks with Macros

  • Topic 3A: Create a Macro
  • Topic 3B: Attach a Macro to a Command Button
  • Topic 3C: Restrict Records Using a Where Condition

Lesson 4: Adding Interaction and Automation with Macros

  • Topic 4A: Require Data Entry with a Macro
  • Topic 4B: Display a Message Box with a Macro
  • Topic 4C: Automate Data Entry

Lesson 5: Making Forms More Effective

  • Topic 5A: Change the Display of Data Conditionally
  • Topic 5B: Display a Calendar on a Form
  • Topic 5C: Organize Information with Tab Pages

Lesson 6: Making Reports More Effective

  • Topic 6A: Cancel Printing of a Blank Report
  • Topic 6B: Include a Chart in a Report
  • Topic 6C: Arrange Data in Columns
  • Topic 6D: Create a Report Snapshot

Lesson 7: Maintaining an Access Database

  • Topic 7A: Link Tables to External Data Sources
  • Topic 7B: Back Up a Database
  • Topic 7C: Compact and Repair a Database
  • Topic 7D: Protect a Database with a Password
  • Topic 7E: Determine Object Dependency
  • Topic 7F: Document a Database
  • Topic 7G: Analyze the Performance of a Database


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