Microsoft Access 2003: Level 2


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Students beginning this course are presumed to have the basic skills needed for working with Microsoft Office Access 2003 databases. This includes working with Access tables, relationships, queries, forms and reports. Going further, students in this course will design and create a new Access database and improve queries, forms and reports. They will also learn how to integrate Microsoft Office Access 2003 with other applications such as Microsoft Word or Excel. The Microsoft Access 2003 Level 2 course is for the individual whose job responsibilities include creating new databases, tables and relationships and who has to know how to work with and revise intermediate-level queries, forms and reports.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Follow the steps required to properly design a simple database.
  • Create a new database with related tables.
  • Control data entry by modifying the design of a table.
  • Streamline data entry and maintain data integrity.
  • Find and retrieve desired data by using filters
  • Join between tables and within a single table.
  • Create flexible queries to display specified records.
  • Allow for user-determined query criteria.
  • Add, update, and delete data with queries.
  • Enhance the appearance, data entry, and data access capabilities of your forms.
  • Customize reports to better organize the displayed information
  • Produce specific print layouts such as mailing labels.
  • Use Access data in other applications, including Microsoft Word and Excel.


Before starting this course, students are recommended to take the following course or possess equivalent knowledge:

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TCCIT Solutions Course Curriculum for Microsoft Access 2003 Level 2:

Lesson 1: Planning a Database

  • Topic 1A: Design a Relational Database
  • Topic 1B: Identify Database Purpose
  • Topic 1C: Review Existing Data
  • Topic 1D: Determine Fields
  • Topic 1E: Group Fields into Tables
  • Topic 1F: Normalize the Data
  • Topic 1G: Designate Primary and Foreign Keys

Lesson 2: Building the Structure of a Database

  • Topic 2A: Create a New Database
  • Topic 2B: Create a Table Using a Wizard
  • Topic 2C: Create Tables in Design View
  • Topic 2D: Create Relationships between Tables

Lesson 3: Controlling Data Entry

  • Topic 3A: Restrict Data Entry with Field Properties
  • Topic 3B: Create an Input Mask
  • Topic 3C: Create a Lookup Field

Lesson 4: Finding and Joining Data

  • Topic 4A: Find Data with Filters
  • Topic 4B: Create Query Joins
  • Topic 4C: Join Unrelated Tables
  • Topic 4D: Relate Data Within a Table

Lesson 5: Creating Flexible Queries

  • Topic 5A: Set Select Query Properties
  • Topic 5B: Create Parameter Queries
  • Topic 5C: Create Action Queries

Lesson 6: Improving Your Forms

  • Topic 6A: Enhance the Appearance of a Form
  • Topic 6B: Restrict Data Entry in Forms
  • Topic 6C: Add Command Buttons
  • Topic 6D: Create a Subform

Lesson 7: Customizing Your Reports

  • Topic 7A: Organize Report Information
  • Topic 7B: Set Report Control Properties
  • Topic 7C: Control Report Pagination
  • Topic 7D: Summarize Information
  • Topic 7E: Add a Subreport to an Existing Report
  • Topic 7F: Create Mailing Labels


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