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Adobe Acrobat training at TCCIT Solutions New York CityAdobe Acrobat 9.0 Pro allows you to create PDFs using PDF Maker; share documents with colleagues for review and discussion; create interactive, electronic forms; assemble documents of various formats into a single PDF Portfolio; and securely sign documents digitally. However, you may now be required to share your files electronically by email, over a network, or on the web, so that recipients can view, print, and offer feedback. In this course, you will use Adobe Acrobat 9.0 to make your information more portable, accessible, and useful to meet the needs of your target audience. You will use Adobe Acrobat 9.0 Pro to create and manage PDF documents. TCCIT Solutions course curriculum is: Adobe Acrobat 9.0 Pro Level 1 | Adobe Acrobat 9.0 Pro Level 2

Adobe CS5 New Features training at TCCIT Solutions New York CityAdobe CS5 New Features is intended for graphic designers, web developers, print professionals, photographers and animators who use Adobe applications as part of the job role. You will familiarize yourself with the new features of Adobe CS5 applications, upgrade your Photoshop skills, create artistic Illustrator graphics, design documents with InDesign CS5, maximize productivity using Adobe Flash Professional CS5, and develop professional websites with Dreamweaver CS5. Get Acquainted with CS5 New Features such as examine coding features, identify features for media usage, use Adobe online services, customize the interface. Also with CS5 New Features you will manipulate iImages and enhance photos with Photoshop, create complex vector shapes with ease with Illustrator, lay out text in an InDesign document, work with objects in Flash, and integrate external services with Dreamweaver. TCCIT Solutions course curriculum is: Adobe CS5 New Features

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 training at TCCIT Solutions New York CityAdobe Dreamweaver CS5 allows you to easily design, develop, and maintain websites and web applications — from start to finish. Built for both designers and developers, Dreamweaver CS5 offers the choice of working in an intuitive visual layout interface or a streamlined coding environment. Intelligent integration with Adobe Photoshop CS5, Adobe Illustrator CS5, Adobe Fireworks CS5, and Adobe Flash CS5 Professional ensures efficient workflow across your favorite tools. Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 software is a comprehensive professional toolset for designing and deploying compelling websites and web applications, offering both a robust coding environment and a powerful, standards-based WYSIWYG design surface.

Dreamweaver CS5 Level 1 allows you to take advantage of all the flexibility and power of a world-class web design tool. Manipulate pixel-perfect designs in Design view, craft complex code in Code view, or do a little of each. Work the way you work best.

Dreamweaver CS5 Level 2 allows you to integrate workflow designs, develop, and maintain content within Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 while taking advantage of intelligent integration with other Adobe tools, including Adobe Flash CS5 Professional, Adobe Fireworks CS5, Adobe Photoshop CS5, and new Adobe Device Central CS5 for creating mobile device content. TCCIT Solutions course curriculum is: Dreamweaver CS5 Level 1 | Dreamweaver CS5 Level 2

Adobe Flash CS5 training at TCCIT Solutions New York CityAdobe Flash CS5 software is the most advanced authoring environment for creating rich, interactive content for digital, web, and mobile platforms. Create interactive websites, rich media advertisements, instructional media, engaging presentations, games, and more. Designers and developers working on both Macintosh and Windows systems depend on Flash and the ubiquitous Adobe Flash Player software to ensure their content reaches the widest possible audience.

Flash CS5 Level 1 teaches you top features that allow you to Import Adobe Photoshop (PSD) and Adobe Illustrator (AI) files, while preserving layers and structure, and then edit them in Adobe Flash CS5 Professional. Optimize and customize the files during import with advanced options.

Flash CS5 Level 2 teaches you how to save time with the new ActionScript 3.0 language, featuring improved performance, increased flexibility, and more intuitive and structured development. TCCIT Solutions course curriculum is: Flash CS5 Level 1 | Flash CS5 Level 2

Adobe Illustrator CS5 training at TCCIT Solutions New York CityAdobe Illustrator CS5 software helps you create distinctive vector artwork for any project. Take advantage of the precision and power of sophisticated drawing tools, expressive natural brushes, and a host of time-savers. You will create complex illustrations, manage color across a range of devices, work with graphs and variables, control how illustrations appear on print and the web, and preview them on mobile devices. Adobe Illustrator CS5 allows you to explore new paths with the essential vector tool and discover new ways to experiment with color; work faster with new drawing tools and controls; and produce artwork for print, web, mobile, and motion designs.

Illustrator CS5 Level 1 teaches you how to create sophisticated artwork for virtually any medium with industry-standard drawing tools, flexible color controls, and professional type controls that capture your ideas and experiment freely, while timesaving features such as easier-to-access options let you work quickly and intuitively. Improved performance and tight integration with other Adobe applications also help you produce extraordinary graphics for print, web and interactive, and mobile and motion designs.

Illustrator CS5 Level 2 allows you to explore, apply, and control color variations using Live Color, which lets you select any artwork and interactively edit the colors to see results immediately. Use the Color Guide panel to quickly choose tints, shades, or harmonious color combinations. Live Trace Quickly and accurately convert photos, scans, or other bitmap images to editable and scalable vector paths using Live Trace. TCCIT Solutions course curriculum is: Illustrator CS5 Level 1 | Illustrator CS5 Level 2

Adobe InDesign CS5 training at TCCIT Solutions New York CityAdobe InDesign CS5 allows you to explore more creative possibilities and experience new levels for productivity using Adobe InDesign CS5 page layout software. Built for CS5 demanding workflows, InDesign integrates smoothly with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, InCopy, and Dreamweaver software; offers powerful features for creating richer, more complex documents; and reliably outputs pages to multiple media. Adobe InDesign CS5 software lets you design and preflight engaging page layouts for print or digital distribution with built-in creative tools and precise control over typography. Integrate interactivity, video, and audio for playback on tablets, smartphones, and computers.

InDesign CS5 level 1 teaches you its sophisticated design features and enhanced productivity tools for streamlining repetitive tasks, InDesign CS5 lets you work faster and better than ever. Extensive integration by using shared presets and color settings; work more efficiently with native file format support; and easily publish to multiple media.

InDesign CS5 level 2 you learn creative effects and controls, design compelling page layouts that include transparency, design effects, and gradient feathers. Since effects are live and nondestructive, you can experiment with ease. Apply effects independently to an object's stroke, fill, or content. TCCIT Solutions course curriculum is: InDesign CS5 Level 1 | InDesign CS5 Level 2

Adobe Photoshop CS5 training at TCCIT Solutions New York City Adobe Photoshop CS5 empowers designers to bring their vision to life in print, on the web, and virtually everywhere else. Now, you can experiment more freely using nondestructive filters. You can manage and correct color more easily. You will understand and use the various elements in the Photoshop CS5 interface so as to efficiently work with the software. Adobe Photoshop CS5 software redefines digital imaging with breakthrough tools for photography, selections, and more. And now, use it with creativity- and productivity-boosting mobile device apps as they become available.

Photoshop CS5 Level 1 you will understand and use the various elements in the Photoshop CS5 interface so as to efficiently work with the software. You will use the different tools in Photoshop for selecting parts of images and identify the need for having layers in a Photoshop document. You will also organize the different components of the design as layers.

Photoshop CS5 Level 2 you will enhance your ability to create accurate masks and image effects, retouch images, work with video files, automate repetitive tasks, and integrate with other Adobe applications.

Photoshop CS5 Photo Printing and Color you will identify two contrasting approaches to handling color images. You will begin by calibrating your monitor and using color management profiles to control the image display to match its intended output.

Photoshop CS5 Web Production you will set the Photoshop unit preferences and save files in different formats to see how well each format balances image quality with file size reduction. You will then calibrate your system color display. You will also use Photoshop as part of creating finished web pages, export individual slices, and create an HTML web page that displays a table containing the sliced sections. TCCIT Solutions course curriculum is: Photoshop CS5 Level 1 | Photoshop CS5 Level 2 | Photoshop CS5 Photo Printing and Color | Photoshop CS5 Web Production

Adobe Premiere Pro CS5Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 is a video program that combines video, audio, and still images. This course is designed for individuals who are self-employed, such as wedding videographers, amateurs who need professional resources, and other professionals engaged in videography, who will be using Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 to edit video, integrate video with other Adobe products, and also export the files to other formats. Some students may be mainly interested in creating video primarily for the web, and others for film, but the majority are preparing more for work in broadcast video. TCCIT Solutions course curriculum is: Premiere Pro CS5

CSS-Cascading Style Sheets training at TCCIT Solutions New York CityCSS: Cascading Style Sheets is a stylesheet language used to describe the presentation of a document written in a markup language. Its most common application is to style web pages written in HTML and XHTML, but the language can be applied to any kind of XML document. The CSS specifications are maintained by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). CSS is designed to allow the separation of presentation and structure. Prior to CSS, nearly all of the presentational attributes of an HTML document were contained within the HTML code; all font colors, background styles, element alignments, borders and sizes had to be explicitly described, often repeatedly, in the midst of the HTML code. CSS allows authors to move much of that information to a stylesheet, resulting in considerably simpler HTML code. The HTML documents become much smaller and web browsers will usually cache sites' CSS stylesheets. This leads to a reduction in network traffic and noticeably quicker page downloads. TCCIT Solutions course curriculum is: Cascading Style Sheets

HTML5 training at TCCIT Solutions New York CityHTML5 is the underlying computer code for displaying a web page. At its core, it is an essentially simple set of commands that allows the display of text, graphics and links to other pages and functions. Starting with HTML, a web developer can add other code in Javascript, DHTML, etc., along with animated graphics and database tools to create a complete and versatile web site. HTML is a necessity for anyone who wants to work on website development or administer a website.

HTML5 New Features is intended for people who already know the fundamentals of HTML 4.x; have some experience with XHTML and CSS and in creating basic web pages; and who now want to increase the complexity of their layouts and navigation, create complex forms, and enhance their pages with interactive elements.

HTML5 and CSS3 Level 1 teaches you how to use HTML5 to create and design web pages. This course is targeted at students who want to learn web design for their personal use or for business purposes.

HTML5 and CSS3 Level 2 As a web designer, you would like to create advanced web pages and test their validity. This course is designed for persons who understand the fundamentals of HTML and CSS and have used both technologies to create basic web pages. It is aimed at individuals interested in using these technologies to create advanced web pages and to test their validity. TCCIT Solutions course curriculum is: HTML5 New Features | HTML5 and CSS3 Level 1 | HTML5 and CSS3 Level 2

Javascript training at TCCIT Solutions New York CityJavaScript Programming and AJAX is for creating fast dynamic web pages and to enhance a website and give better control to the user environment, adding animation, interactivity, ease-of-use, better security, etc. Professional sites require the use of advanced functions such as those made with scripting languages. Adding JavaScript & AJAX to your code allows you to change how the document looks completely, from changing text, to changing colors, to changing the options available in a drop-down list and much more!. JavaScript & AJAX are integrated into the browsing environment, which means that it is possible to update parts of a web page, without reloading the whole page and modify information, thus changing how things are presented on your screen. This access to information gives JavaScript great power to modify the browsing experience. They can also react to events, such as when the user clicks their mouse, or points to a certain page element. TCCIT Solutions course curriculum is: JavaScript Programming | Advanced JavaScript and Ajax

PHP training at TCCIT Solutions New York CityPHP Introduction is a general-purpose scripting language course that is especially suited for Web development. It can be embedded into HTML and generally runs on a web server, taking PHP code as its input and creating Web pages as output. However, it can also be used for command-line scripting and client-side GUI applications. PHP can be deployed on most web servers and on almost every operating system and platform free of charge. The PHP Group also provides the complete source code for users to build, customize and extend for their own use. It continues to improve the security and the stability of the 4.4 branch and all users are strongly encouraged to upgrade to it as soon as possible. TCCIT Solutions course curriculum is: PHP Introduction

SQL training at TCCIT Solutions New York CitySQL: Structured Query Language allows you to have access and edit company databases and your job may require you to retrieve data from those databases. Retrieval of information from a database is dependent on precisely ordered logic and specific information. These courses will help you to use - SQL: Structured Query Language as a tool to implement that logic, define instructions, and compose SQL queries to retrieve information from the database. All students should have basic computer skills, familiar with concepts related to database structure and terminology, and wants to use SQL to query databases.

SQL Level 1 course will help you to use SQL: Structured Query Language as a tool to implement logic, define instructions, and compose SQL queries to retrieve information from the database.

SQL Level 2 you will create advanced SQL queries, and manipulate and index tables. Course Objective: You will work with advanced queries and manipulate tables. You will also view and index table data. TCCIT Solutions course curriculum is: SQL Level 1 | SQL Level 2

Fundamentals of Databases Using MySQL training at TCCIT Solutions New York CityFundamentals of Databases Using MySQL is for storing and accessing data a vital part of a person's day-to-day activities. One of the most efficient and powerful ways of managing data is by using databases. Information can be stored, linked, and managed using a database application such as MySQL 5.1. In the Fundamentals of Databases Using MySQL course, you will work with the databases using MySQL. This course will also help students who are preparing for the CIW Database Design Specialist Exam ID0-541; Sun Certified MySQL Associate (SCMA); Sun Certified MySQL Developer (SCMDEV); Sun Certified MySQL Database Administrator (SCMDBA). TCCIT Solutions course curriculum for Fundamentals of Databases Using MySQL is: Fundamentals of Databases using MySQL

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