Microsoft Outlook 2003: Level 3


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This course is the third and last in a series of Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 classes. It builds on the email and calendaring skills students have already obtained and will provide them with the skills needed to communicate in real time with other users, personalize mail, organize items, share and link contacts, create forms and work offline as well as remotely. It addresses persons with an intermediate understanding of Outlook who need to use this program to communicate using Instant Messaging, personalize and organize their mail, organize Outlook items, share and link contacts, create forms, and work offline and remotely.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Communicate using MSN Messenger.
  • Personalize your mail by using stationery and signatures.
  • Organize Outlook items by grouping and creating Search Folders.
  • Setting rules, and applying conditional formatting.
  • Use contacts to share, link, and communicate information.
  • Save and archive mail.
  • Create a custom form.
  • Set up your computer for offline and remote use.


Before starting this course, students are recommended to take the following courses or possess equivalent knowledge:

TCCIT Solutions Course Curriculum for Microsoft Outlook 2003 Level 3:

Lesson 1: Working with Contacts

  • Topic 1A: Import a vCard
  • Topic 1B: Create a Mail Merge
  • Topic 1C: Generate a Map for a Contact's Address

Lesson 2: Communicating with Email Alternatives

  • Topic 2A: Send and Receive Instant Messages
  • Topic 2B: Subscribe to a Newsgroup
  • Topic 2C: View Newsgroup Messages

Lesson 3: Tracking Work Activities Using the Journal

  • Topic 3A: Record a Journal Entry Automatically
  • Topic 3B: Manually Record a Journal Entry
  • Topic 3C: Modify a Journal Entry

Lesson 4: Configuring and Securing Outlook

  • Topic 4A: Configure a Dial-up Connection
  • Topic 4B: Add an Account to your Profile
  • Topic 4C: View Secure Email Options
  • Topic 4D: Modify Security Zone Settings

Lesson 5: Interacting with the Internet

  • Topic 5A: Publish Free/Busy Information Over the Internet
  • Topic 5B: Schedule an Online Meeting
  • Topic 5C: Add an Internet Shortcut
  • Topic 5D: Create a Folder Home Page
  • Topic 5E: Insert a Hyperlink

Lesson 6: Working Offline and Remotely

  • Topic 6A: Create Offline Folders
  • Topic 6B: Make a Folder Available Offline
  • Topic 6C: Create a Send/Receive Group
  • Topic 6D: Download Messages

Lesson 7: Creating a Custom Form

  • Topic 7A: Add Fields to a Form
  • Topic 7B: Save a Form
  • Topic 7C: Test a Form


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