Google Apps for Businesses

Course Objective:

You will communicate and collaborate with others using the various applications in Google Apps.

Target Student:

This course is for any individual who will use a computer to access and utilize Google’s online office productivity applications.


Students should have a basic understanding of Windows, including how to use files and folders.

Related Classes:

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • describe the basic features of Google Apps.
  • communicate using Gmail.
  • communicate using Gmail Chat and Google Talk.
  • use Google Calendar to keep track of schedules.
  • create and share documents and presentations using Google Docs.
  • work with Google Spreadsheets and Forms.
  • communicate and collaborate with others using Google Groups.
  • create and customize a site using Google Sites.
  • upload and share videos in Google Video.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Getting Started with Google Apps

  • Topic 1A: Introduction to Google Apps
  • Topic 1B: Log in to the Google Apps Domain
  • Topic 1C: Configure the Administrative Settings

Lesson 2: Communicating Using Gmail

  • Topic 2A: Introduction to Gmail
  • Topic 2B: Compose an Email
  • Topic 2C: Manage Email Messages
  • Topic 2D: Manage Contacts

Lesson 3: Communicating Using Gmail Chat and Google Talk

  • Topic 3A: Communicate Using Gmail Chat
  • Topic 3B: Communicate Using Google Talk

Lesson 4: Managing Schedules Using Google Calendar

  • Topic 4A: Explore Google Calendar
  • Topic 4B: Schedule an Event
  • Topic 4C: Share a Calendar
  • Topic 4D: Search Calendars
  • Topic 4E: Create Task Lists

Lesson 5: Working with Google Documents and Presentations

  • Topic 5A: Introduction to Google Docs
  • Topic 5B: Create Word Documents
  • Topic 5C: Share Documents with Other Users
  • Topic 5D: Create Presentations
  • Topic 5E: Share Presentations with Other Users
  • Topic 5F: Create Drawings

Lesson 6: Working with Google Spreadsheets and Forms

  • Topic 6A: Create Spreadsheets
  • Topic 6B: Set Permissions and Notifications in Spreadsheets
  • Topic 6C: Create Forms

Lesson 7: Collaborating Using Google Groups

  • Topic 7A: Create Google Groups
  • Topic 7B: Initiate Discussions in Google Groups
  • Topic 7C: Subscribe to and Manage a Group
  • Topic 7D: Customize a Group

Lesson 8: Collaborating Using Google Sites

  • Topic 8A: Explore Google Sites
  • Topic 8B: Create a Site
  • Topic 8C: Edit a Site
  • Topic 8D: Manage a Site

Lesson 9: Working with Google Video

  • Topic 9A: Upload Videos
  • Topic 9B: Share Videos


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