Google Analytics for Businesses

Course Objective:

You will describe the basics of Google Analytics and its applications.

Target Student:

This course is for any individuals intending to use Google™ Analytics to strengthen their marketing initiatives and increase the number of conversions or sales from their website.


Students should have a basic understanding of Windows, including how to use files and folders.

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Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • describe the basics of Google Analytics.
  • create and activate a Google Analytics account.
  • manage a Google Analytics account.
  • configure goals and funnels in Google Analytics.
  • create filters in Google Analytics.
  • identify and interpret various Google Analytics reports.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Overview of Google Analytics

  • Topic 1A: Examine Online Marketing and Web Analytics
  • Topic 1B: Introduction to Google Analytics

Lesson 2: Getting Started with Google Analytics

  • Topic 2A: Create and Activate a Google Analytics Account
  • Topic 2B: Integrate Google Analytics and Google AdWords

Lesson 3: Managing a Google Analytics Account

  • Topic 3A: Explore Google Analytics
  • Topic 3B: Manage Website Profiles and Users

Lesson 4: Configuring Goals and Funnels in Google Analytics

  • Topic 4A: Configure Google Analytics Goals
  • Topic 4B: Build Funnels in Google Analytics

Lesson 5: Creating Filters in Google Analytics

  • Topic 5A: Create Filters
  • Topic 5B: Create Customized Filters in Google Analytics

Lesson 6: Working with Google Analytics Reports

  • Topic 6A: Manage Reports in Google Analytics
  • Topic 6B: Generate Visitor Reports
  • Topic 6C: Generate Traffic Source Reports
  • Topic 6D: Generate Content Reports
  • Topic 6E: Generate Goals Reports
  • Topic 6F: Examine Ecommerce Reports
  • Topic 6G: Customize Reports

Appendix A: Intelligence Reports

Appendix B: In-Page Analytics Report


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